Swan Valley Toddler Dress

Cute Miss Lucy having fun in the Swan Valley Toddler Dress
Cute Miss Lucy having fun in the Swan Valley Toddler Dress
Sweet buttons up the back
Sweet buttons up the back

Swans have always served as classic example of elegance and grace, and this toddler dress is classic grace personified. Reminiscent of the sweet baby dresses of the 50’s and 60’s, the Swan Valley Toddler Dress is knitted with Rowan Yarns’ 100% cotton yarn, Cotton Glace. The yarn is silky and light, giving the skirt of this dress a beautiful drape. The colorway, chalk, reminds me of a gentle river on a summer afternoon adorned with a swan or two. I hope you enjoy knitting this darling little dress for your own sweet girl.

Swans on the Vltava River in Prague
Swans on the Vltava River in Prague

Rowan Cotton Glace, 827-chalk
1T – 4 skeins
2T – 4 skeins
3T – 5 skeins

U.S. 4 circular (24″ or longer)
U.S. 5
Tapestry needle
Yard holders
4 buttons – 3/8″ to 1/2″

Gauge – 4″ = 24 stitches x 34 rows (check gauge) straight stitch on US 5 needle

Sizes 1T, (2T, 3T)
Around chest – 19″, (21″, 23″)
Length from shoulder – 15″ (16″, 18″)

Download the pattern hereย http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/swan-valley-toddler-dress


11 thoughts on “Swan Valley Toddler Dress”

  1. I’m knitting this toddler dress and I’m stuck at divide for back opening at : next row knit 28 stitches and turn, leaving remaining stitches on a holder. Next row (WS) – K29, but there are only 28 stitches on the needle. What am I interpreting wrong. Can you help me pleas?
    Thank you,

    1. Chris – thank you for letting me know! This is actually an errata I discovered shortly after uploading the pattern. It has been corrected (along with a couple of other minor things). Please delete your copy of the pattern and download again from Ravelry. I think you will find the corrected pattern to be more clear. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. Thank you so much for your immediate reply. I will download the pattern again from Ravelry. I thought maybe I messed up because I knitted the dress in the round until the divide for the back opening.
    Thanks again,

  3. I’m having problems with the left side of divide for the back. I believe that the left side is the mirror of the right? When I get to the 13th row how do I incorporate the bind off of the 6 stitches? It’s a knit row and would leave me with the yarn on the wrong side of the work. HELP!

    1. Shelly, I’m pretty sure I understand what you’re talking about. The way to solve this problem is to make sure when you rejoin yarn for the left side of the back, that you rejoin on the outside(left side). That should have you working in the correct direction when you start to bind off. Let me know if this helps! If you need a faster reply, please message me on Ravelry.com. My user name us anoviceknitter. Good luck!

  4. Hi – I’m having some trouble reading the pattern and wanted to confirm – in the first row of the back (following the picot cast-on), do I knit one, m1p, and then alternate the the rest of the row, or knit one, m1p and then purl the rest of the row?

  5. Thank you, one more question – I just started the divide for back opening, and have knit rows 1-4 (the first row being when you knit 31 and place the rest on a stitch holder). I noticed that after row 4 it says to work these four rows again until I have a total of 13…do these repeats include casting on 3 new stitches every time I repeat the first row?

  6. I am knitting the back of the dress and have done about 4″ and the bottom hem is curling up. Have I done something wrong? I’m pretty sure I followed the pattern correctly.

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