Green Wheel Merino Men’s Hat Pattern

There was a sample of this hat in the store, but I figured out the pattern on my own...first time!
There was a sample of this hat in the store, but I figured out the pattern on my own…first time!




220 yards of any worsted weight yarn (MC) with a gauge of 16.0 – 18.0 stitches to 4 inches (the yarn pictured is a non-branded German 100% wool purchased at The Green Wheel in Dresden, Germany)

Several yards of same yarn in contrasting color (CC) for stripe

US 9 circular 16″ and US 9 DPN’s


Cast on 84 stitches (78 for men’s medium) on a US 9 16 ” circular needle
Join for working in the round
Work 8 rows of MC in K4P2 rib pattern

Change to CC and work 5 rows in K4P2 rib pattern

Change to MC and work K4P2 rib pattern until hat measuresfor 7 (men’s medium) to 8 inches (men’s large) from cast on edge

Decrease (change to DPN’s when necessary)
K4, P2TOG for one round
K4P1 rib for one round
K3, K2TOG for one round
Knit for one round
K2, K2TOG for one round
Knit for one round
K1, K2TOG for one round
Knit for one round
k2TOG for one round
Break yard, thread yarn with darning needle, run through remaining stitches, pull tight and secure



23 thoughts on “Green Wheel Merino Men’s Hat Pattern”

  1. Great pattern…made the medium for my 7 and 4 year old grandsons….put a big pom- pom on them…..they loved them..Thank you

  2. I want to knit this for my son in law. I was wondering about the size. I read in a previous post that they medium was made for a 7 and 4 year old. Also the yarn I want to use is ECO ALPACA knitting with 2 strands. Would this work? I am a new knitter. Thanks

    1. Theresa, I would definitely Knit the large size for a man. Are you referring to eco alpaca by cascade yarns? I believe that’s a worsted weight. If you’re using a worsted weight yarn, you should only use 1 strand. Let me know if it’s a different yarn. Hope you post a picture of your finished hat!

  3. Selena, yes it is by Cascade Yarns. It appears not real heavy. Should I use size 9’s or another size. I was going to use 10’s.Thanks. Excited to start.

    1. Ok, great! I recommend one strand using a size 9 needle. When you first start the hat it will look small because of the rib pattern, but as you go the pattern will relax some. Happy knitting!

    1. Hello Barbara!
      One 29″ circular needle will be too large in circumference to work a hat in the round. You may use double pointed needles, a 16″ circular or the magic loop method πŸ™‚

  4. My 8 almost 9 year old grandson asked me to knit this hat for him. He is a good sized boy. Reading the comments, it sounds like maybe the men’s medium should fit him? Thanks for making the pattern available.

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