WayfaringYarns Bases

All WayfaringYarns fibers are ethically sourced from suppliers with the highest standards in regards to animal husbandry and the environment. No animals are injured to provide our fiber. We only source shorn fiber and fiber that has shed naturally from the animal.

All WayfaringYarns colors are available on every luxury base.


A space of bountiful nature and splendor, a perfect garden inhabited by shepherds and their flocks. 

Arcadia is a worsted spun yarn (less pilling!) made from 100% Australian extra fine, superwash treated merino wool. Available in fingering, dk, aran and bulky weights, this yarn is silky smooth with the superior softness and bounce that has made merino famous as the most desirable wool in the world.

Guanajuato, marbled on Arcadia fingering

Arcadia fingering (4-ply)

100% superwash Extra Fine Merino, 100 grams, approximately 435 yards/400 meters

Telum, glazed on Arcadia dk (color available in February!)

Arcadia dk

100% superwash Extra Fine Merino, 100 grams, approximately 215 yards/200 meters

Hadrian’s Wall, glazed on Arcadia aran

Arcadia aran

100% superwash Extra Fine Merino, 100 grams, approximately 180 yards/166 meters

Edinburgh, glazed on Arcadia bulky (color available in October!)

Arcadia bulky

100% superwash Extra Fine Merino, 100 grams, approximately 108 yards/100 meters


El Dorado

A mythical South American city made of gold. 

El Dorado is a worsted spun, lace weight yarn made from a luxurious blend of Peruvian baby alpaca and the finest mulberry silk.  Baby alpaca’s softness and warmth is unparalleled.   Alpaca wool does have very different properties than lambswool and finished garments should be cared for by steaming and shaping. Alpaca wool is lanolin and allergen free.

Monteverde, glazed on El Dorado lace

El Dorado lace

70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Mulberry Silk, 100 grams, approximately 870 yards/800 meters



A mystical, harmonious valley enclosed in the Kunlun Mountains of Tibet.

Shangra-La is the most luxurious merino and silk blend yarn available.  This worsted spun yarn is made from super fine merino (16.5 micron, as fine as cashmere) and mulberry silk, a superior blend for springy fabric with beautiful drape and fabulous sheen.

Kanab, glazed on Shangra-La

Shangra-La fingering (4-ply)

75% superwash Ultra Fine Merino, 25% Mulberry Silk, 100 grams, approximately 435 yards/400 meters



A person who journeys and travels from place to place on foot. 

Wayfarer is a wonderful yarn choice for any garment, including socks!  This worsted spun 4-ply yarn is a blend of extra fine merino and cashmere with a bit of nylon added for durability.  The cashmere compliments the merino, adding softness and a gentle halo to the finished fabric.

Montmartre, glazed on Wayfarer

Wayfarer fingering (4-ply)

80% superwash Extra Fine Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, 100 grams, approximately 435 yards/400 meters