Issue 3, Winter 2016, Yarn

Once Upon A Wooly Dream

Imagine a beautiful place high in the mountains where the snow almost never stops falling and when the sun breaks through the clouds it shines with bright blue skies on a very cold day. ┬áSounds like Alta, Wyoming to me! My home sweet home is the place where the weather and a local yarn store… Continue reading Once Upon A Wooly Dream

Knitting, Local Yarn Store, Travel, Yarn

Mama’s Hands

I come from a long line of hard-working women. Both of my grandmothers fed their families with vegetables from their gardens, milk from their cow, and chickens and eggs from their yards. My grandmothers┬ákept their families warm with clothes and quilts they stitched themselves. My mother also kept a garden and put up vegetables and… Continue reading Mama’s Hands