Fall 2016, Knitting Pattern

Dreaming of Edinburgh Mitts



Download the pattern from Ravelry here.

I’ve traveled all over the European continent, but I’ve never been to Edinburgh.  I see the pictures, I read the stories, I imagine beautiful, kind peole wrapped in cozy, classic knits drinking tea by the fire while darling little hedgehogs frolic in the yard around garden gnomes.

I may not have it exactly right, but when the day comes that I do go to to Edinburgh, I’ll be wearing these elbow length argyle mitts.

Made with Rowan Yarns’s Felted Tweed DK, Dreaming of Edinburgh Mitts are worked flat to facilitate the simple intarsia design, have a relaxed fit and are tapered down the arm to the wrist with a thumb gusset.

If you’re new to the intarsia technique, here’s some helpful tips.

Please check out the color palatte my test knitter used for this pattern.  It’s all gorgeous greys and pinks!



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