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Sedona Lace Scarf

Sedona Lace Scarf by Selena Miskin


For spring break this year we put the boyz in the car, left our snowy playground in Alta, Wyoming and drove to Queen’s Creek, Arizona to visit my parents and their swimming pool. The weather was perfect and the meals were fabulous (my mom’s a great cook!)

Arizona cactus in bloom

On our way home we took a slight detour to Sedona, Arizona. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband asked if there was a yarn store I wanted to visit. (He’s a keeper!)

We went over to Knitwits located at 2370 West Highway 89A, Suite 3, And found the most wonderful surprise. Tom and Becky Helgesen, owners of the store, bought all of the last of The YarnSisters Black Pearl Yarn in the white colorway and hired local indie dyer, Stacy Yamauchi to transform each skein into some of the most spectacular colors I’ve ever seen.

Black Pearl Yarn

You can give Knitwits a call, pick out a skein you like and they will deliver it right to your home.

My beautiful purchase of Black Pearl Yarn

This yarn is heaven to knit! I worked on the design for several week, casting on and ripping out until I felt happy with a pattern that was simple, elegant and not boring to knit. I especially love how the lace pattern shows little purled mountains, as lovely as the red rocks in Sedona. This long rectangle scarf would be just as beautiful using a less-formal fiber like wool.

Sedona Lace Scarf by Selena Miskin

3 thoughts on “Sedona Lace Scarf”

  1. Thanks for this pattern and for the tip about the shop in Sedona. I’ve been to Sedona and, unfortunately, didn’t look for a yarn shop. But will do so the next time I’m there.

    OR, will ask friends who go often to check out the shop and pick up some yarn.

    Sedona is gorgeous, even after all the buildup and population growth.

    1. Marny – I agree! Sedona is so beautiful. I’m looking forward to going back at some point to knitswits to pick up some really beautiful local indie-dyed cashmere blend yarn they had. It’s a great store and they do ship!

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