Issue 3, Winter 2016

Inside The Snowglobe☃

Winter is an especially magical time here in Alta, Wyoming.  Outside is snow packed and is the perfect playground for skiers, boarders, snow bikers, snow machiners, ice fishers, ice climbers, ice skaters and snowman builders. ☃


Inside is warm and cozy with a fire blazing, a pot of soup on the stove and a cup of your favorite hot beverage steaming in your hand.  This makes me want to grab my needles and cuddle up with some warm fuzzy yarn!

I hope you enjoy spending a little time perusing through my articles on The Buffalo Wool Company and Malabrigo.  And if you are in any of these areas, check out the LSY’s in Salt Lake City, San Francisco and  Jackson Hole.  If you do make it to Jackson, give me a shout and maybe we can get together at the store for a knit nite! 😄

Here’s a special thanks to my amazing models.

My gorgeous friend, Julie Wade
And her beautiful daughter Kelsey
And her beautiful daughter Kelsey
The incredibly athletic Katie
The incredibly athletic Katie
"Slim" by artist Georgia Bunn
“Slim” by artist Georgia Bunn



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