Holiday 2015, Issue 2, Knitting


I started with lots of ideas gleaned from fashion pages and special requests for my hat patterns featured in this edition of Wayfaring Yarns.  Needless to say, there were many more that did not make it here than did.  Below is one that I worked to the bitter end.

Rustic Fair Isle Hat - FROGGED
Rustic Fair Isle Hat – FROGGED

I’m not an artist and have no training in design, just a desire to create something beautiful, something that gives pleasure throughout the entire process of planning, working and gifting.  My Sweet Baby James, who is an artist and loves color, innovation and presentation tried to give me gentle hints when I asked his opinion:

Me: (halfway through) Don’t you love these colors?
James: hmmmmm
Me: (before edging was added) Try this on, baby, tell me what you think.
James: It looks like a helmet from The Holy Grail.
Me: (after adding edging) What do you you think now? Would you wear it?
James: Well, probably not. It does look better, though.

Hahaha!  Have I learned my lesson? Probably not.  But I will continue to solicit his sage advise.

The photo shoot location for the hats I didn’t frog was the Wilson Ranch, a Wyoming Centennial Farm and Ranch.  This honor is given to Wyoming farms and ranches which are owned and operated by the same families for 100 years or more.  Thanks to Meredith and Dana Wilson for their permission to use this lovely piece of Wyoming.

Thanks to all my beautiful models

From left to right, Haylee Lyman, Amelia Wilson and Olivia Wilson
From left to right, Haylee Lyman, Amelia Wilson and Olivia Wilson
Gus, a Belgium Draft horse, property of the Wilson Ranch
Gus, a Belgium Draft horse

and my Sweet Baby James.




3 thoughts on “Frogged!🐸”

  1. Thank you, Stephanie, you always have something sweet to say 😊 I’m trying something different with those two yarns, maybe a bulky Marled/Noro stripe look…we’ll see if I get the thumbs up on that project!

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