Fall 2015, Issue 1, Knitting

Autumn at Last

I’ve always loved autumn.  The year is ending, earth is cooling off and giving up its harvest, but for me it signals a beginning, a fresh start.  Autumn brings me crisp mornings and cooler evenings.  It brings me time during the day while my kids are at school to start a new exercise routine and have a long quiet soak in the hot tub.  It brings me after-school music students who are actually practicing!  It brings me lots of good reasons to relax at night with something warm to drink and lots of soft, cozy yarn to knit.

Autumn is the perfect time for me to publish my first issue of Wayfaring Yarns Magazine.  I’m excited to use this online format to share with you my yarn adventures, my travel adventures and the results of my first ever foray into the endlessly fascinating world of knitting design.

All of my designs thus far are easy to knit, made elegant by beautiful yarns.  In fact, I get great pleasure in figuring a design for the yarn that showcases the particular qualities inherent in that yarn.

I’d like to thank my models for their time and especially their patience with my very amateur attempts at photography.

My perfect-in-every-way daughter, Megan
My perfect-in-every-way daughter, Megan 😘
My beautiful, sweet niece from Atlanta, Anabelle
My beautiful, sweet niece from Atlanta, Anabelle
Haylee and Emily Lyman were amazing. We had so much fun!
Haylee and Emily were amazing. What a great mother/daughter team! Daughter on the left 😉
Follow Belle on Instagram @bellethefrenchbully
Follow Belle on Instagram @bellethefrenchbully

Thanks for joining me!

Selena Miskin
Musician by trade
Knitter by choice
Traveler by chance


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